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Specializing in highest quality designer belts, Rifle slings & leather tooling at an affordable price

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Gun/Bow Slings

Hand crafted & Shipped from our studio across Canada & the USA daily

K K Custom Leather Rifle Sling

Each rifle sling is hand crafted using 100% genuine Herman Oak Vegetable tanned leather. The hides are handpicked and purchased from Weaver leather in Hope Ohio. They are transported to K K Custom leather in Winnipeg Manitoba where the process begins.

The hides are cut into 3 inch strips. Through the use of a jig and a press, each sling is cut to the exact size ready to begin the tooling process.

Edges of the sling are rounded off and typically, a camouflage is added to the outside edge of the sling. Customer has a choice of a graphic design usually an animal head. My moto is if I can trace it I can usually tool it.

The customer then has a choice of letter styles to choose from.

Taking into account the colors of the background, and the round circle around the choice of lettering. Sometimes the smaller fonts are required if the name on the sling is long in length.

The choice of graphic design is tooled into the sling. Next the choice of letter style is used to tool the desired name onto the sling. A circular cameo shape is then tooled around the lettering with a texture applied.

The sling is then stained in the desired colors a resolene is then added to the sling to seal protect and add a shine. Once dry an antique finish is added to sling if required. And addition coat of resolene again is added to seal the finish.

10 Holes are punched into the sling to accommodate the ¼” Chicago screws. Two ½” wide keepers are hand tooled and sewn together with durable waxed chord.

Cost of the finished rifle sling is $125 CAD plus applicable taxes. Approximately $93 USD.  US rates may fluctuate from day to day with the Canadian dollar! 

We Ship Across Canada & The USA Via Canada Post

Contact  us at (204) 889-1947, or email us at  sales@kkcustomleather.com

Pay Pal orders

Once your order has been placed we will contact you to finalize all details before starting your sling. This will start the ball rolling and hold your position in the cue. We will go over colors, Tooled Animal design or logo, Name & Letter styles etc... 

We Handle orders across Canada & The United States regularly and have the process running quite smoothly as you will experience through your first order with us.  

If you have any questions before placing your order feel free to contact Kim at (204) 889-1947.  She looks after all the fine details and sets up my work load!